Domus Hall in Manaira Shopping

Robert Santiago ManairaRobert Santiago Manaira Shopping is the largest mall in Brazil, Northeast. It was established in 1989. Robert Santiago is its owner. The mall is situated in Manaira in Joa Pessoa. As it has a strategic spot between the north beaches and center, the project recently holds 308 stores together with 300 satellites and anchor stores. The mall deals with a big meal court, a recreational part approximately 10,000 m2, Park, Gym EPHF, Cinema Rooms, Buffet Children Pirlimpimpim, banking, and more. Its construction work completed in two years, and inaugurated on November 11, 1989, and was absolutely disputed to be found in the mangrove region the Jaguaribe River, thus breaking environment rules.

Now, the mall holds 16 anchor stores and 292 satellite stores as well as eight rooms in the complex cinemas, Pir Lim Pim Pim is situated on the third floor, Bowling alley on second, and Game station. Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping has gained a widespread popularity especially for the last couple of years with a number scandalous issue. When talking about the last floor, it is on a big latest house presents the Domus Hall that can accommodate about 15,000 folks.

The built area covers 115,000 making it one the biggest shopping malls in the country in relation to the gross area. Domas Hall is aimed at holding of live concerts found on the roof of the mall, a big AC house presents, which was inaugurated on November 7, 2009, with the accommodation of 4000 people that can sit in chairs and the number of people that can stand is 10000. Added to this, Domus Hall is a kind of appropriate stage for the purpose of fairs, theater feats, art shows, receptions and other general events. Domus Hall is a special feature of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping with two floors, mezzanine, and ground.