A brief account of Vertical Lift Modules

Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift Modules are systems surrounded by objects, walls or structures. These systems primarily consist of trays that are lying vertically in both directions of the unit to the accompaniment of an extractor device arranged in the middle. Vertical lift modules are of various sizes, shapes and colors in accord with the demands as well as manufacturers. With the use of these modules, you can significantly eliminate redundant work that you have to deal with in their absences. They are widely being used in today’s modern industrial sector to eliminate redundant work on account of their ability of automatically delivering trays by means of the stocked items.

eliminate redundant work3

The process is extraordinarily effortless to go either with a push button or barcode scan. The support of Vertical Left Modules technology has been crucial to eliminate redundant work as it allows various tasks combined into one task such as packing, picking, retrieving into the shipping containers. Integrated modern conveyor systems let handling steps be even more minimized. Almost 15 years ago when VLMs were not yet introduced in the market, vertical carousels were utilized for the same purpose, hence, they have now been replaced.

If seen from customer’s point of view, no change has taken place since then. Top ten universal vertical lifts present the same resolutions. When talking about traditional vertical lifts available on today’s market, they slightly vary in price and technology instead of performance and functionality. However, it is applicable to optimize turnaround times if you install warehouse management software such as Power Pick Global. Two stage picking becomes potential when storage locations are randomly allocated. Storage is liable to occur at the same time, thus, error rates of storing and retrieving can be minimized allowing you to eliminate redundant work.