A botanical account of rice protein

The use of rice all over the world has been spectacular and still continued to grow. When going into its scientific depth, we get to know that it belongs to Oryza sativa, the seed from the grass species. There are so many kinds of rice; hence, when seen from worldwide range, it has two main global categories. One that has just been stated as Oryza sativa that comes from Asian countries. The second is Oryza Glauberrima that belongs to African countries. The time has now come to stir the topic of rice protein after this brief touch about rice tailored at bringing your mind to the actual topic of the article.

The sources to obtain proteins are many including vegetables, meat and more. Well, rice protein is a substitute to soy and whey proteins and thus, it is a vegetarian protein. You can get protein from your food intake as well as artificial ways like rice protein powder, especially if you’re herbivorous and don’t like to eat anything that is an animal production such as eggs, milk, meat etc. Here, let’s put some light on an animal product which is anything taken from the body of animals including their meat.

Here, it is imperative to throw light on veganism as it is intimately related to the topic of rice protein. It is a kind of name to boycott the use of all the products derived from the source of animal kingdom especially taken as diet. As a matter of fact, people become herbivorous, carnivorous or omnivorous due to the surroundings where they lead their lives as it is rightly said that “society moulds man”. Another proverb is, “While in Rome do as the Romans do”. These proverbs are aimed to explain the fact that most people become herbivorous only due to their moral, social, family, or religious absolutes.