Tips To Purchase a Genuine Leather Handbag

Many working women consider a leather handbag a must-have accessory, since they are able to put so many things in their bag without compromising their style. Although it is the dream of every working woman to buy a genuine leather handbag from a branded company like Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Gucci, but it is way too costly to afford them. This does not mean that you cannot afford to purchase a good looking genuine leather handbag to complement your style. There are plenty of other unbranded leather handbags available in the market which are as good and as durable as the branded handbags but are way cheaper. If you are someone who is running on a limited budget, but you do not want to compromise your high-end taste, you will be able to find a perfect leather handbag from various online stores and the good part is that you do not have to break your bank to purchase your next leather handbag.


However for that you have to know how to distinguish between genuine leather and fake leather. There are many retail stores as well as online shopping bag stores that can easily fool you and sell you a genuine leather handbag which in fact is not genuine leather. If you do not have any past experience of buying genuine leather goods, chances are you may get fooled pretty easily by the sales agents. It takes a keen eye and observation to distinguish between plastic or fake leather and real animal skin leather.

Before you proceed further, you need to keep in mind that there are four main categories or grades of leather that you will be able to find in a leather store. The top grade of leather is termed as the Full Grain leather, the next one is termed as the Top Grain leather followed by the genuine leather and in the last comes the bonded leather. Most of us are only familiar with the genuine leather, since it is most widely available and sold grade of leather and the genuine leather goods are usually in the range of most of the buyers.

In case you happen to purchase a genuine leather handbag of an unbranded company who claims that the handbag is made with genuine leather, you can try these tips to find out whether it is really the case before making the payments.

  • The Smell – the first thing you need to do is to smell the handbag, if it smells like plastic, you should avoid buying it. A handbag made with genuine leather will smell like a real animal skin.
  • The Looks – the second thing you need to do is look closely at the surface of the handbag. If you are able to notice an uneven skin, it is most likely genuine leather. Because genuine leather hardly comes with a perfectly smooth surface.
  • The Feel – when you touch and feel the genuine leather, it should feel soft, natural and smooth. You can press or pinch it and if it wrinkles, it means it is real and genuine leather.