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Stretching piercings for ear jewelry


Stretching piercings is actually a common way of increasing the piercing size to lodge lower gauge ear jewelry. The most common way gauge earrings works is that lower the gauge, greater the diameter of pins or plugs which pass through ears. Therefore a 16g piercing is almost 1.2 mm diameter & 18g is 1.0 mm; few individuals refer to changing from around 18g to 16g as ‘gauging up’ whereas others say it is ‘gauging down’.

However, an imperative factor is that stretching piercings to house higher diameter jewelry comprises changing to the lower numbered gauges. What kind of jewelry are we mentioning to here where we require increasingly bigger holes in the ears so that they easily fit? Why not only fit standard size pins to all type of ear jewelry despite of the size of visible part – after all, no one actually sees part going through earlobes, do they?


Some Tips to Rent a Luxury Car for Less

On a daily basis not everyone can afford to drive a luxury automobile. Luckily, a lot of people can afford to rent an extravagance vehicle. When following below given tips, drivers will not just get to relish driving their dream-car; also they will save some handsome money on the rental. A lot of individuals have a few different automobiles that they would like to drive, but are unluckily out of their range. Unless someone wins the big lottery or comes into a good deal of cash, they may pounder that their dream-car is out of their range. Though, this isn’t luckily the case.

top luxury car agency in LA

People that do not have sufficient money to buy an expensive, luxury car but there is another way through which they can have the pleasure of driving their dream car and that is by renting one from top luxury car agency in LA. There’re a heap of rental companies available online that concentrate in renting exotic and luxury motor vehicles to their potential clients and customers. Even a lot of top class car rental companies will have a huge number of luxury and fabulous cars in their fleet.

It is important to determine before renting a luxury vehicle, how long will you need the car for. Some very lavish and expensive cars, like a Rolls Royce or Ferrari, are usually available by the hour. If you’re planning to simply take a day trip into the city or just wish to test drive you’re most desired and loved car, then this can be a good way to go. On the other hand, if you’ll want the car for a complete weekend or even longer time period, you may have to select a more realistic exotic car, as these luxury cars will be very costly to rent for a period of more than some hours.