Stretching piercings for ear jewelry


Stretching piercings is actually a common way of increasing the piercing size to lodge lower gauge ear jewelry. The most common way gauge earrings works is that lower the gauge, greater the diameter of pins or plugs which pass through ears. Therefore a 16g piercing is almost 1.2 mm diameter & 18g is 1.0 mm; few individuals refer to changing from around 18g to 16g as ‘gauging up’ whereas others say it is ‘gauging down’.

However, an imperative factor is that stretching piercings to house higher diameter jewelry comprises changing to the lower numbered gauges. What kind of jewelry are we mentioning to here where we require increasingly bigger holes in the ears so that they easily fit? Why not only fit standard size pins to all type of ear jewelry despite of the size of visible part – after all, no one actually sees part going through earlobes, do they?

Wrong! In fact, in numerous cases, diameter of piercing is what it is all about, and numerous sorts of ear decorations are actually designed only for larger gauge earrings piercings. By stretching piercings in ear lobes by up to almost an inch or even greater than that, way beyond 10 mm standard 00g, you could wear amazing flesh tunnels which create a hole in the ear lobes all the way through. These are normally made from hard or metal plastics, but could be adorned with diamonds for bling, or flesh tunnel could even be made of amber or crystal, or numerous any other materials like gold or even wood or platinum for rich. Point is that the flesh tunnels have no impact if quite small, and for any type of ear piercing to be used for them, it should be stretched, or ‘gauged’ as few refer to it as, to size of an intended tunnel.